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Today marks the final active day of Bike and Hike in Africa 2024. Both groups had a challenging program to conclude this edition. The cyclists began their day at 5:30 AM for the longest ride of the week: a 100km journey from Biakpa back to Akosombo, where ... Read more
Still impressed by the views of the Wli Falls yesterday evening, the bikers had an early wake-up at 6h30 this morning. Some of us woke up even way earlier, thanks to a rooster who decided it was time to get up at 3h00. A good night sleep ... Read more
The bikers signed present at 7h30 this morning to tackle Mount Gemi for breakfast. Once at the top, a downhill single track of a few kilometers awaited the group. When everyone arrived at the bottom, they all agreed that this was the most beautiful part of the ... Read more
On the bike program today: a quite hilly stage from Ho to Biakpa. With 44km it was rather short, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t challenging. Passing over tar & gravel roads in these temperatures is not easy at all. The good part of today is that ... Read more
As the hikers set their alarm clocks for 5:30 in the morning to commence their second hike, the bikers officially kicked off their journey today. They faced a 79km ride, commencing with a boat trip across the Akosombo River, immediately followed by a challenging ascent. This is ... Read more
Following a smooth flight, we arrived in Accra on Thursday evening and received a warm welcome at our beach hotel with Ghanaian music and dancers. Later that evening, some of our colleagues opted for a late-night swim to escape the heat, and before long, many of us ... Read more
Today marks the beginning of a new and exciting adventure. A group of close to 100 hikers AND bikers take off to Ghana for an epic expedition in the magnificent Volta region. Yes, you read that right: for the first time in the history of this initiative, ... Read more
Time travels fast these days! This morning we already started the final stage of Bike for Africa 2020. After a few heavy days, we had the last 59km in front of us, including 30km of single track. It started out perfectly, but after a few kilometers it ... Read more
The 4th stage started today in Gisenyi. Our cyclists had to overcome 1.200 hight meters over 49km. With all the hills from the previous days still in mind, and most probably also in the legs, this wasn’t going to be an easy ride. That’s why it wasn’t ... Read more
Today was a tough day. After the steep hills of yesterday, we had many more hills today. By now we can surely confirm that Rwanda’s nickname, “The country of the 1000 hills”, is totally correct. But it weren’t only the hills that made it hard today. The ... Read more
Today’s starting point was the Africa Rising Cycling Center, where we arrived yesterday. This isn’t only the heart of Rwanda’s cycling scene, but also a great spot to give our bikes the best possible care. Rafiki, one of the very first members of Team Rwanda, didn’t only ... Read more
Today was finally the day: we officially kicked off Bike for Africa 2020. And we didn’t start slowly. Our first stage today was one of 65km and 1200 height meters. The starting point was at our sleeping spot in Ruhondo, so we could enjoy the view one ... Read more
Our very first morning in Rwanda started with a breakfast with a view. We all wondered how the view we had last night, would look like in the morning, and it didn’t disappoint us at all. After breakfast it was time to start our journey to Ruhondo, ... Read more
In January 2011 we left for Kigali with 50 bikers for an unknown cycling adventure in Rwanda and Burundi: The first edition of Bike for Africa was born. Today, 9 years later, we are back at that same gate of flight SN467 to Kigali, this time already ... Read more
The last day of Bike for Afrika would be a tough one. We needed to head back to Douala and that meant we had a looooong bus ride in front of us. Or at least that's what we thought. Because the day before we received a huge ... Read more
Today was the very last biking day of Bike for Africa 2018, an edition never to forget! At 9AM we left our accommodation at the lake of Petpenoun to bike to Foumbot where we were warmly welcomed by the Technical School of Foumbat. This school was one ... Read more
Today we headed to Petpenoun, our final destination before we go back to Douala. Just like yesterday we have 2 different stages again. A tough one of 88km and a smaller, but still challenging one of 51km. Due to both the heat and the steep hills, the ... Read more
On the third biking day we left the monastery of Nkoutie early in the morning. The group could choose between 2 stages: a “short” one of 51km and 730 height meters or the long one of 87km and 1760 height meters. A team of 20 opted for ... Read more
With the steep hills of yesterday still in mind, we left Bandjoun this morning for a 72km ride to the monastery in Nkoutie. Quite a distance, but we’re lucky it’s way more flat today. We already had some great views yesterday, but the ones of today were ... Read more
Yesterday morning we kicked off Bike for Africa 2018. At 10am we were warmly welcomed by the mayor of Bangangté for the official start of our biking journey through Cameroon. An impressive group of no less than 70 cyclists was eager to start the 49km long bike ... Read more
Hello from Bangangte! Although we didn’t bike yet today, we really enjoyed our first full day in Cameroon. We planned a trip to the Ekom Nkam Waterfalls, and the view there was amazing. This beautiful piece of nature is a true hidden gem, located in a valley ... Read more
It’s D-day today for the 36 Brussels Airlines colleagues participating to Bike for Africa 2018. This year’s edition brings us to Cameroon, where we will bike from Bangangte to Petpenoun. The 328km long journey will start on Friday 2 March, but today we already hop on board ... Read more
Our three mecanics, Yves, Stefan and Wim, have left for Yaounde today. They will make sure your bikes are properly assembled by the time the group gets there. Thanks in advance guys!Read more
54 bike boxes, 12 boxes with material, tents, matrasses,...We're ready to go!Read more

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