Hikers and bikers reunited at Wli Falls

Hikers and bikers reunited at Wli Falls

The bikers signed present at 7h30 this morning to tackle Mount Gemi for breakfast. Once at the top, a downhill single track of a few kilometers awaited the group. When everyone arrived at the bottom, they all agreed that this was the most beautiful part of the trip so far! It was a technical downhill, but the views were marvelous. The only hick-up was the first flat tire of the week, but it was quickly fixed.

After some more tar and gravel roads, part of the group stopped to visit the Leklebi Fiape Primary school. The children were very happy to have a small break from their English & Mathematics lessons and proudly showed us what they learned today.

Thanks to the early departure this morning, everyone arrived at The Big Foot Safari Lodge around noon. After a lunch & some free time to take a shower, we started a 2,8km walk towards the Wli Falls, where we were reunited with the hiking group for a joint apero.

It was great to meet each other again and exchange our stories about the past few days while sipping from a fresh coconut. The setting was absolutely spectacular: right at the bottom of the Wli Falls, the highest falls of Western Africa.

It’s at that exact spot where the hikers set up their camp for tonight, after a 9km track to the top and mid of the falls. Following a refreshing dip in the water, they descend towards the base for their camp.

While we were all enjoying our refreshing coconut and each other’s company, a great spectacle happened above our heads. Thousands of bats left the rocks of the falls and swarmed above us.

It was a great ending of a great day, and we have 3 more days to go. We can’t wait to discover more adventures tomorrow!

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