We made it!

We made it!

Time travels fast these days! This morning we already started the final stage of Bike for Africa 2020. After a few heavy days, we had the last 59km in front of us, including 30km of single track. It started out perfectly, but after a few kilometers it started to rain. This resulted in a single track that was way heavier then during the scouting trip. At the first stop of the day we saw cyclists passing by who were fully covered with mud. 

To make it to the finish line, we really needed teamwork today. A small river crossed the track and it was impossible to pass it on your own. This proves once more that Bike for Africa is the perfect teambuilding!

After the very last stop, all bikers passed through the forest, something we didn’t encounter yet in this edition of Bike for Africa. From the forest onwards, everyone had still 9km to go till the finish line.

The last part was a challenging, but fun downhill full of rocks and holes in the road. Tired but satisfied, everyone reached the finish line. Because of the many height meters, this was one of the toughest Bike for Africa’s so far, but all cyclists were more than happy to be part of it!

Tomorrow we’ll have one last important stop before we fly back home: a visit to the Rwanda Charity Eye Hospital, the good cause we’ve all biked for.

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