Feelin’ hot hot hot

Feelin’ hot hot hot

On the third biking day we left the monastery of Nkoutie early in the morning. The group could choose between 2 stages: a “short” one of 51km and 730 height meters or the long one of 87km and 1760 height meters. A team of 20 opted for the long one, the other ones decided to take it easier today and simply enjoy the landscapes and villages they would bike through.

Both groups had one enemy today, and that was the blistering heat! When we measured the temperature during our lunch stop at noon, we were shocked to see “47 degrees” appearing on our screen!


But, just like the other days, the bikers didn’t complain and simply enjoyed what happened around them along the route. During this stage we passed by a lot of very small villages.


And for the 3rd day in a row, the lanscapes around us were stunning!


Kirsten and Niki, two of our A320 captains and happily married, joined the Bike for Africa group for the first time this year, and they didn’t regret it for a second. Their participation was Kirsten’s birthday present for Niki, and she really scored with it! Both of them expected nature at its best and that’s exactly what they got so far.

Kirsten and Niki

"This adventure really exceeds our expectations. It’s a sportive challenge and you can reach your limits if you want to. Besides this you also get to know colleagues from all different departments, both during the rides and in the evenings. And most important: you get to know them as a fellow biker, no matter which job they have. This is team building at its best! For us personally it’s also the first holiday in 8 years without our kids, and although we really really miss them and think of them a lot, we also enjoy the quality time we have here together."

Tomorrow we leave Bangourain for Petpenoun, where we will stay for 2 nights. First we will bike a tour around the village, and visit a school in Foumbot that we support with Bike for Africa.

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