What a view

What a view

With the steep hills of yesterday still in mind, we left Bandjoun this morning for a 72km ride to the monastery in Nkoutie. Quite a distance, but we’re lucky it’s way more flat today.


We already had some great views yesterday, but the ones of today were really stunning! And in those 72km the landscape changed so many times… At a certain moment it even looked like we were in Belgium, in a forest full of pine trees.

Pine trees



The biggest difference with yesterday, was the look on the bikers’ faces. While they were really challenged yesterday, you could see everyone enjoyed the ride enormously today.

Just before the finish line, we passed by a little local bar. And a real Belgian makes sure to stop for a good cold beer. So that’s what we did! It was the perfect end of a beautiful day…


Kirsti, crew watch officer at Brussels Airlines, loved today’s ride as well, but she wants to enjoy the next rides even more. She set it as a goal to stop more often and relax in the beautiful landscapes we bike through.


When we ask her to describe Bike for Africa 2018 in one word, it’s “emotional”. It’s Kirsti’s 4th edition of the biking trip and she really misses Marion, who couldn’t join us this year: “We always biked side by side and it’s simply not the same without her.”

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