First Bike for Africa day

First Bike for Africa day

Good evening! The first Bike for Africa 2014 day is a fact. We left Cassia lodge (short night) around 09.00 heading for Jinja, about 90 km east. Driving through Kampala is an adventure on its own, couleur locale in abundancy!

Around noon we arrived in Holland Park, locted on the banks of the Nile, and so-called "Legendary Source of the Nile". Magnificent! 

After lunch a group of 14 went rafting on the Nile (grade 5). The rafting and rapids were amazing!

Some others went for a boat trip on the Nile, viewing special birds on the small islands, others preferred to go riding on a quad. The technical team stayed on the site to prepare all bikes (60), hard but necessary work. In the meantime we enjoyed a dip in the pool and a drink at the poolhouse, refreshing in temperature of more than 30°

The evening dinner was a nice buffet, rice, baked potatoes, beef stew, chicken...absolutely lovely. 

Now we will make it an early night to be ready and fresh for the first biking day tomorrow - good night ! 

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