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The adventure is over. And it was absolutely fabulous!
Some testimonials from participants :

"Yes, it was incredible! Yes, the organisation was higher than top! Yes, it was a fantastic human experience with new people, exciting people! Wow! I was really moved to visit CORSU, admiring there too the people, the initiative, what they do… Our “little” money will definitely serve… GREAT!"

"A unique experience, in so many ways. With all my gratitude to everybody, for these unforgetable days"

"Congratulations to all for this achievement! The funds collected will be well spent by CoRSU, the visit to the hospital will never be forgotten. It was a privilege to have been part of this".

"What a superb expedition! What a top team! Thank you Brussels Airlines... in 22 months we start training for the next edition". 

"I'm very impressed. First of all, because every single detail was prepared, and also because of the quality of the people : true winners and people who love life. Very emotional, everybody fully enjoyed being there. We were like happy children in the savanne, it was an intense revitalisation of the mind. Thanks guys for the opportunity you gave me to be part of all this!"





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