Senegal - Gambia 2016

From 27 January till 3 February 2016 Bike for Africa III heads to West-Africa : this upcoming edition of Bike for Africa will bring us to Senegal and the Gambia. West-Africa needs our support after the Ebola crisis, and we believe it’s a unique opportunity to put these countries in the spotlight.

From 27 January till 3 February 2016 Bike for Africa III headed to West-Africa : this 3rd edition of Bike for Africa brought us to Senegal and The Gambia. West-Africa needs our support after the Ebola crisis, and we believed it was a unique opportunity to put these countries in the spotlight.

In 5 biking days we crossed Senegal and The Gambia,  a country of steppes, grassland, tree savanna and dry open forest formations, cycling along villages with traditional mud cabins and huge baobabs. 

Bike for Africa 2016 raised €150.000 for humanitarian projects. Amongst the participants was Piet Goddaer (Ozark Henry), United Nations Goodwill Ambassador against Human Trafficking.



We supported following organisations

Junior Bears on Wheels

Junior Bears on Wheels , via United Fund for Belgium.

This subdivision of the famous Leuven Bears basketball team offers wheelchair basketball to disabled children. Bike for Africa 2016 donated 26.000 to Junior Bears on Wheels, to be used to buy a trailer to transport the wheelchairs and 4 youth sports wheelchairs.

Muriel Africa

Maternity unit “Muriel Africa” in Mbour.

The Belgian Muriel Jonckheere took the initiative to construct a maternity unit next to the Grand Mbour2 hospital in Mbour (Senegal) entirely funded with donations. It’s the only maternity unit in the area, with 10 beds, a labour ward and a delivery room, changing area and rest room for the midwives. Focus lies on hygiene and cleanliness. Muriel has done tremendous efforts to collect the budget required by addressing all possible service clubs, companies,parishes…Muriel has lost both her son and husband in a short period of time. These tragic losses motivated her to engage in this humanitarian project, dedicated to the remembrance of her son Bernard and to all African women.

Thanks to the donation received from Bike for Africa, Muriel can proceed with the construction and installation of the first floor of the maternity and the overall upgrade if the infrastructure, more in particular:

In June 2016, Muriel succesfully inaugurated a brand-new ultrasound machine in the maternity ward in Mbour. The gynecologist who runs a weekly consultation round in the maternity is thrilled by the quality of the device and the images. She can now perfectly determine the exact number of weeks of the pregnancy, view the foetus from closeby and spot any problems.

Construction works (with a new contractor) have restarted in June as well.

For more info visit

  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Waterproof facade
  • Painting works

The Horizons Clinic

Cleaning out 100 childbirth facilities across The Gambia via The Horizons Clinic.

Most childbirth facilities in Gambia are below standard when it comes to hygiene and competence of the staff. This results in a high child mortality rate (50% of all child mortality happens within 24 hours after they’re born due to unhygienic conditions). Bike for Africa supported this initiative of the Horizons Clinic ( with the upgrade of 5 facilities during 5 years. The money will be used to successfully change behaviour and attitudes toward cleanliness as well as to establish self-sustainability. The budget will be used for training of midwives, cleaning staff, consumables, and monitoring of compliance and infection rates.

Moreover, in two if the facilities (Serrekunda and Fajikunda), important infrastructure works will be carried out (€70.000):

  • Ensure 24-hour water supply
  • Covering of the septic tank and soak away
  • Maintenance of non-functioning solar water heater
  • Fix all electrical wiring issues
  • Supplement electricity supply by providing 12 hours of solar power daily to cover peak periods (already installed in the meantime)

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