Gambia: GT Board to Host Bike for Africa 2016 Event

Gambia: GT Board to Host Bike for Africa 2016 Event

For the first time in the history of Tourism in Destination Gambia, the Gambia Tourism Board (GTBoard) under the tutelage of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in collaboration with the Brussels Airlines will Sunday; January 31st, host the Brussels Airlines organized biennial Bike for Africa 2016 sporting event in The Gambia. This comes as group of 70 international bikers from Belgium will circle from Senegal and cross Gambian border to cycle Berefet among other places in the destination.

This year Bike for Africa 2016 sporting event slated for January 27th and February 3rd to be staged in Senegal and The Gambia will mark the third edition of the event. It is a Brussels Airline biennial tourism event that is held in any selected country in Africa with the express purpose of having fun together and enables the organizers to help do something good for the children of Africa. The continent of Africa holds a special place in the heart of the organizer. This has made them choose Bike for Africa sporting event as one of the ways to give something back to the local communities in Africa. This they accomplish through their foundation for Africa. The company's Social Responsibility Program was created way back in 2010. Through it they give a helping hand to a number of NGO's and humanitarian projects that have the same passion for Africa as they do.

With their quest of promoting and bringing people together in the continent, this third edition has seen Senegal and The Gambia being selected for the event. In previous editions of this biking trip, it took place in Rwanda whereby bikers cycled for the first time from Kigali, Rwanda to Bujumbura in Burundi. It was termed as an 'unforgettable adventure.' While in 2014, they circled through Stanley's route in magnificent Uganda on mountain bikes.

In this 2016 third edition, the two neighboring countries, Senegal and The Gambia have a lot to offer as they both need the organizer's support now especially the West African region has been declared Ebola virus free. The five days biking activities which will take off from Senegal will see group of 70 bikers, on biking trip crossing Senegal and Destination Gambia with fun to see the beauty of the two countries' steppes, grassland and dry open forest formations. Another interesting part is that they will as well ride along villages with traditional mud cabins and huge baobabs.

The group of 70 international bikers that will join the home bikers consist of young and old, female and male. The largest number of the group of the 70 bikers are members of staff of Brussels Airlines; Belgian sponsored companies and general managers of some Belgian companies which will include the Chief Executive Officer of the Brussels Airlines and will bike around 450 kilometers.

According to the designed program, whine in Senegal, the group of the bikers will be received with a welcome cocktail; visit Maternity Muriel Africa in Mbour and before a Fam-tour of 25-30km. Ready for action, the team will cycle to Simal (85 km) stay overnight in Ecolodge in Simal on the banks of the Sine Saloumlaguna.

On January 30th, the bikers will cross the river by pirogue then cycle to Toubakouta (75 km) and as well stay overnight in lodge at Toubakouta. While the bikers, January 31st, will cross Gambian border to cycle to Berefet (80 km) and as well cross River Gambia by pirogue and stay overnight at a campsite on the river bank.

The group will cycle through the Gambia south bank area (90 km) on February 1st with overnight stay at a campsite. While February 2nd is another day for them to cycle from Brefet to Banjul (100 km) with a closing event on the beach and later have overnight stay in hotel. Finally, February 3rd, the group of the 70 bikers will visit Horizon Clinic, disassembling bikes and later have dinner before returning to the airport to catch their flight back to Brussels. The Gambia Tourism Board has assured their partner of fruitful and successful event in Destination Gambia as necessary logistics have been put in place for this latest event.

This event among other things is meant to promote the destination and what the country can offer. It is another way to expose the destination especially that international media both print and electronic from Belgium will accompany the bikers to Destination Gambia to promote the event. And as well bring The Gambia into spotlight on the map and show the world that the country is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit.

Again, this Brussels Airlines organized event to be co-hosted by The Gambia and Senegal is also to complement the amazing efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MoTC) and Gambia Tourism Board (GTBoard). As well it will also motivates bikers to gather fund for the cause; see the beautiful parts of the country as Brussels Airlines wants to continue promoting the destination to attract more tourists and visitors to the country.

The local sponsors of Bike for Africa 2016 include Gambia Tourism Board, Senegambia Beach Hotel, Berefet Camp, Kombo Beach Hotel, Julbrew, Best Water, West-African Cycling Tours, West African Powers ports and Africell.


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